Will Vincent Jackson Be the Newest Redskin?

Legedu NaaneeDisgruntled Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson will supposedly not be dealt this year despite the fact that the deep threat is planning on holding out for over half of the regular season. But if the player were to be traded two teams have emerged as the most likely candidates to pull off a deal. And when it comes to the NFL and potential trades never say never. So if a deal were to happen the two likely teams Jackson would be traded to are the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins.

And Jackson is a rare talent and a key player for the pass heavy Chargers of last season, so trading him is certainly not the desired choice for a team with a budding young star at quarterback and especially with the key loss of an every down back like Tomlinson. But if the big man is going to cause headaches in the front office and the locker room then it might be the best option to just allow Jackson to leave for a few early draft picks.

And both the Redskins and Seahawks are willing to deal away picks for Jackson. In fact no team is as aggressive as the Washington Redskins are at landing their man and this off season of course has already seen the addition of Donovan McNabb to Dan Snyder’s club, so anyone is possible. And Jackson has supposedly been working out with McNabb this off season and the two apparently have a pretty good relationship.

But the Chargers are one of the toughest teams to deal with and general manager A.J. Smith is renowned as one of the league’s toughest GM’s when it comes to trade offers. And the truth is that the Chargers would like to keep Jackson despite his unhappiness with his current deal and next season the squad can always force the franchise tag on Jackson meaning that the receiver has no easy way out from San Diego in the foreseeable future.

Jackson will likely remain in San Diego against his will for two seasons before he could potentially opt out. But if the wide receiver can convince the Chargers to take the draft picks and deal the Pro Bowler then Washington is likely the best bet followed by Seattle.

And considering the record tight end deal that the Chargers just gave Antonio Gates, I’d say the time to make a move might be sooner then you think. After all if the Chargers do not deal Jackson by week six of the season then they might regret it later in the year if the receiver poses as a distraction to a team hungry to win the Super Bowl.

Creative Commons License photo credit: SD Dirk

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