What’s Your Football Tradition?

Part of the great thing about football in our family is the traditions that go along with it. We have, for example, a Packer tree that we put up every year at the beginning of football season. It stays up through the end of the football year, and into the postseason if the Packers go that far. It has green and gold lights, Packer ornaments of all shapes and sizes, and even cheesehead garland. Can you beat that?

The other tradition we started last year was making a different homemade soup recipe for each game. To add to the dorkiness of all this, I’ve decided to make a scrapbook coming our soup tradition with the Packers season. Each week I will put the soup recipe, along with highlights from the game into the scrapbook. Dorky? Yes, but you can’t blame a fan for wanting to make the most of her football year.

We also have another tradition of watching a football movie the week before the season starts. In case you’re looking to brush up on some of your favorite football flicks, I found this awesome list which has some real doozies on there. Paper Lion with Alan Alda, anyone? Or how about the Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon starring Tony Danza?

Hey, it’s tradition!

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