What’s Not True In The NFL

Talamasca Stadium
After you have listened to a million talking heads after this weekend’s NFL games like I have, you start to wonder what’s not true.  Talking heads tend to embellish things for entertainment value – sometimes glossing over what is really true.  Here are a few things I think are true that they won’t ever say…

The Bengals don’t have an offense.  They beat the Ravens with defense and courtesy of the Ravens turnovers.  You cannot claim you have an offense if your team has to use 5 field goals to win.  You cannot claim you have an offense if you have that kind of receiving corps and you couldn’t score a single receiving TD.  O wait, you didn’t score ANY TD’s.  No offense.

The Cowboys don’t want to.  All the talking heads say that the Cowboys don’t know who they are.  The Cowboys problem is they don’t want to play.  They are either not excited in their teammates, their coach, their owner, something.  They just don’t want to be there – it’s obvious.  They have no emotion.  None.  No heart.

Brett Favre should have retired.  Favre has looked terrible.  This last weekend, he threw 3 picks and had a fumble.  He looks old, worn out, and washed up.  The Vikings are going down faster than the Titanic.  Their only hope is if he retires…this week….for real.

The Jets defense is for real – but their offense is still suspect.  I realize they put up 28 on the Pats – but it was their defense that enabled most of those points.  Not the offense.  They still have a 46% 3rd down conversion rate.  Brady gave up 2 INTs and a fumble.  It’s a lot easier when the other team is giving you free gifts – just as the Titans.

The Eagles are better with Michael Vick.  But he will never ever be their starter.  The Eagles will lose rather than go with him if Kolb is healthy.  Idiotic.

2-0 is awesome.  The Chiefs and Bucs are 2-0 and people are getting carried away.  They are 2-0 over very inferior teams.  Don’t get crazy people.

I’m sure there are more – but one thing is certain there are some things that are true – just not many people say them.

© photo credit: Dirk Talamasca

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