What Happens in the Locker Room When Guys Get Injured

I’ve been enjoying an article on OnMilwaukee.com about player injuries. The Packers are really struggling right now with injuries, and just like a team that can’t win, a team that is continually injured makes for some rough locker room time.

I especially liked this question and answer with former Packer Greg Koch:

Often when you have a backup it’s a rookie or a player with limited experience. Is that problematic?

GK: Yeah. It takes some time to get used to the professional game. There is an immense difference between college and the pros. The pros are so fast. I say that if you are a pro caliber player in college you might go up against someone who gives you a hard time once or maybe twice a season. In the pros you go up against two guys in practice who give you a hard time. It takes time to become a good pro. When you put a rookie backup in the game you’ve got to wonder.

The rookie line is one that stands out to me. The Packers have had nothing but rookies for several years now, ever since Ted Thompson took over as General Manager. He believes in “young talent,” but the problem is that when a guy who is already a little green gets injured, he gets replaced by one even more green and inexperienced. As Koch stated, players with experience have some short hand with each other. They are quicker, they work together just that much better, and all of that means that they are more dangerous as a unit. As a team.

I think the Packers have some problems on their hands this week in getting ready for the Vikings. Brett Favre ain’t got nothing on the drama involved with trying to put together a team when everyone is hurt.

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