Welcome Back Bad Boys

Week 5 is here and that means only one thing. All of the punks, druggies, and meat heads are welcomed back into the respected league. The majority of suspensions that happen end after four games and unless a player plays for one of those few unlucky teams that already experienced a bye week then they will likely be rejoining their team this week.

The biggest name on the list of players returning to their team is  without a doubt Ben Roethlisberger. The Berger originally was suspended for 6 games by the NFL for his alleged off the field conduct, but that suspension was later reduced to 4 games. The Berger is allowed to finally return to the training facility and can now also discuss football with his teammates for the first time in around a month. And the infamous QB is not alone in this experience.

In fact his former teammate Santonio Holmes is experiencing the exact same type of thing with his new side the New York Jets. The Super Bowl hopefuls traded for the troubled wide receiver once he was suspended by the league for four games due to testing positive for the use of a recreational drug. Holmes was a multiple time offender and the Steelers decided to deal the player instead of hoping that his off the field problems were behind him. We will see if the Jet has a featured role in the offense soon enough.

Then their is the interesting case of last year’s Rookie of the Year Brian Cushing who was suspended for four games due to testing positive for a masking agent that is often linked to several performance enhancing drugs. Cushing claimed he was innocent and believes that the high testosterone level he tested for was from intense workout sessions, but he at least got to keep his award from last season and enters a club that was 3-1 and finally victorious against the Colts without him.

All in all their are plenty of stories out there of players returning to the locker room this week. The Berger’s is the biggest because of his star power and alleged crime, but many teams are welcoming back a troubled player that is excited to be back with the team after serving their four weeks in the timeout corner of the room.

And for some teams their arrival back to the locker room might make or break their season. 


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