Week 6 Surprises

Once again, I got about half the picks right this week. Notice a trend? While it should be easier to pick games each week, there are still a few surprises. Here are a couple.

I keep counting them out, don’t I? I’m not sure why. This week I just had a lot of faith in the Ravens running game, and even mentioned that I had originally listed the Pats as winners, but changed it to the Ravens. There are teams that I have a hard time saying “they are good” or “they are not good.” The Pats are one of those teams. They still have the potential to kick butt, but we’ve come to expect so much of them over the years that when they don’t dominate I tend to discount them. Will have give it extra thought in next week’s picks.

Tampa Bay
I even mentioned in my prediction post that Drew Brees has had some good games against Tampa Bay. But did I choose them? No. Tampa Bay continues to confound me. Are they good enough to win their division? Or have they been lucky?

I usually want to go with the team that has lost a bunch, because I think “every streak gets broken, even the bad ones.” But these week I let second guesses rule the day. I figured the 49ers had a chance to win against that Raiders, and yet I didn’t go with it. This really has been the way it’s gone so far this year.

I’ll admit, picking the Redskins was a chance. They’ve been playing well and the Colts have been playing not as well. But the Colts are still the Colts. Let’s not forget it.

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