Votes Are Coming–Who Loses?

That's an order
The NFLPA is ready to get down to business, apparently.  Now, the timeline has changed.  The two sides are considering the vote by the players a given, and that means that things are going to start moving.

Thank God!

The executive committee of the NFLPA is going to vote Monday on recommending that the players approve the agreement.  The players are going to be able to come to facilities so that the year can start, and the little things will get settled after the fact.

Saturday will probably be the day that contracts can be signed (and that’s when free agency will start.)  Now, the question is, who loses in all of this?

The fans.

We’ve been sitting here for 131 days now waiting for the preening and posturing to stop.  Now that it has all but stopped, but are left with owners we don’t relate to and players who will give us a very weird season.  Sure, it could turn out fine in the end, but it’s not going to be pretty in the beginning.  It’s the one thing that is certain.

Now, we have to figure out if the acrimonious relationship between players and owners will spoil parts of this season.  All the players think Goodell is basically a de facto owner.  They also think that he is not the best guy.  Combine the negotiations with the distaste that already exists for the owners and commissioner and you’ve got what most people would call a hostile work environment.

So, while this gets worked out, and we hope that no preseason games are canceled outside of the hall of fame game, there’s only one thing to worry about–the  players being so angry at the higher-ups all season that we get a huge rash of Twitter bombs and Facebook fires.

This isn’t going to be pretty.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Iain Farrell

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