Upset Alert

There are 3 ranked on ranked matchups this weekend in college football.  While two of them are not on my upset radar, there is one game that is.

The first matchup is #3 Oklahoma vs #11 Texas.  I don’t see this game as an upset in the making.  I think Oklahoma will come away with the win but this is a tough, longstanding rivalry and this game will be hard fought.  I don’t expect a blowout by Oklahoma but I do expect that they will win this game.  No upset here.

The second game is #17 Florida vs #1 LSU.  I don’t expect an upset here, not even close to an upset.  Florida will be going with a backup QB and LSU is on a roll and a mission.  This game may well turn into a blowout by LSU.  The chances of an upset here are almost nonexistent.

Now, the third ranked/ranked game of the day tomorrow is #15 Auburn at #10 Arkansas.  I have watched Auburn in several games this year and they have a much better team than people thought, or I thought they would.  They also have some kind of chip on their shoulder to prove they can still be a contender without Cam Newton.  On the other side, the Hogs have Tyler Wilson at QB and he will be throwing and throwing and throwing the ball.  This is going to be a game that if Auburn’s defense, especially their secondary, doesn’t step up they have no chance of winning.  But, if Auburn does step up, they have a good shot at upsetting Arkansas.

In the non-ranked against ranked matchups, I think that Missouri has a chance to upset #20 Kansas State.  Utah has a chance of knocking off #22 Arizona State.  I also think Northwestern against #12 Michigan bears watching as well.

College football is very, very unpredictable.  Picking games is a very risky business and in the end it just comes down to a lot of guessing.  So many things can turn these games to one side or the other in just the blink of an eye or the outcome of ONE single play.  But there you have it…my picks….or guesses as the case may be.

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