Tuberville to Texas Tech

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Texas is where it’s at!

Tommy Tuberville has been picked up by Texas Tech to be its next head football coach and now the question becomes…can Tommy succeed in the Big 12?

Tommy Tuberville coached defenses at Miami, had a decent run at Ole Miss, had an undefeated season at Auburn and generally was very successful at Auburn, but now he’s in the Big 12 at a program that is not known for its “superstar status: like Auburn was.  Tommy has alot of work to do to just recruit Texas (which is what Texas does so well), but he could supplement that with recruiting place he knows really well like Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  To be sure, he would be competing with other big time programs, but at least he would be out Texas’ gaze.

We also know that the media in Lubbock is not going to stand all over him like the would have in the SEC.  Yes, the Big 12 is a “big” deal, but the joke “How do you get to Lubbock?  Fly to Dallas, rent a car and drive until you run out of gas!” isn’t a joke for nothing.  He’ll be slightly isolated (which will probably feel nice) and he has said he’s got family in Lubbock so I’m sure that will provide him a nice security blanket to rest in.

How is Tommy going to win Lubbock?  I hope with defense.  Find a Jason Campbell-type kid to play QB and stack your defense with blue-chippers all over the place and make that school into a NFL-defensive-draft-pick factory.  Go out and find hard-core running backs and you’re in business.  It was cool to see the ball fly all over the place in Lubbock, but I don’t think the old Big 8 would approve.  Run the ball and stop the run.  Tommy can do that and I think he will.

PS – He also benefits from Mack Brown retiring (sooner rather than later) in Austin.  Even a one-year window in that spot could open a world of possibilities in the Big 12 South.


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