Time Out, No Wait Time In

So, Big Ben can come back and play with the other kids in the sandbox.  Lessons learned?  Not even close.  Just another case of here’s your punishment, no wait it’s not really a punishment, it’s all cool now.  Sure, he’s still “suspended” for games, which I am sure will be reduced, but he’s back to work.  And let’s not forget no one stopped paying him while he was in time out.  So what has he learned?  Like so many others in the NFL just like him, not a damn thing.

There are those who say that because he was not charged, because there was no concrete proof, that Big Ben should have been just allowed to continue on his merry way without any sort of reprimand.  Then, there are those who think his “punishment” wasn’t enough.  Look, no one except Ben, the girls involved, and maybe some of his entourage know what really happened.  It’s the perception that’s marring the NFL brand and Ben himself.  If nothing else, he has made some of the dumbest choices on record that put his reputation, his employer, and his career in jeopardy.  He has a pattern of bad decisions.  He has a pattern of making them and suffering little or not at all, so he continues to make them.  People with such patterns generally repeat them….especially those who haven’t learned from the past ones.

Big Ben will continue on with training camp.  He will have his “suspension” whittled down to 2 games at most.  He will go through the season without incident.  Then, next off season we will all see whether or not he continues his pattern and if he actually pays a price for it that teaches him a real lesson.  Right now, his only lesson is that he’s made himself suspect and a joke, other than that it’s all time in now.

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