The NFL Has A Big Problem–More Conversations With My Dad

So, I’m sitting at dinner with my Dad, and, honestly, I was thinking about something else.  My mind was in a far off place.  There’s alot going on in my head, mostly to do with people close to me.  It’s all very complicated.  And, I certainly won’t burden any of you with it, but I will say this:  This conversation knocked me out of the stupor just long enough to pay attention.  We could barely see the TV screen across the restaurant, and I think it had NCAA softball on it, but then we saw a commercial graphic for football and my Dad says, “The NFL has a BIG problem.”

What does he mean?  Well, he means that the NFL has players retiring before their brains get scrambled.  They have lawsuits coming at them from all angles.  They have issues with the CBA.  They have teams filing collusion claims.  They have a PR nightmare on their hands, but it just hasn’t gotten here yet.  We all assume that the NFL is invincible.  It’s the richest sports league ever.  It’s the most popular ever.  All of that.  Well, it can’t hide from some of these things, and my Dad knows that.  He knows that they can’t dodge many of these things.

So, how much trouble is the NFL in?  Well, right now, not much.  It’s the train whose vibrations you have felt on the track, but you don’t hear it or see it or anything.  You can’t even find it on the schedule for the railroad, but, you know it’s there.  So, when this train does come to the station, I know that the NFL must have seen it coming, but, maybe they didn’t.  My Dad is pretty smart after all.  I mean, maybe he knows something they don’t, or they’re just blind to what’s right in front of them.


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