The Browns Are For Real

That’s it, I’m calling it: the Cleveland Browns are going to be the real deal this year. Mike Holmgren will make his presence felt, and someone will finally begin to understand Eric Mangini’s complicated and weird offense. I’m telling you, this team is going to making waves.

CLE vs SD 4
Creative Commons License photo credit: Zolotkey

Case in point: they are making some big changes to their secondary. The secondary is one of those areas that teams gripe about but even so it still seems to get overlooked. Not the Browns, however! As NBC Sports pointed out, they are have “aggressively” made changes to their secondary, including these recent additions:

Cornerback Joe Haden was selected No. 7 overall, safety T.J. Ward went at No. 38, and the Browns took another safety, Larry Asante, in the fifth round.

I see the Browns as a leader this year, especially on defense. The biggest weakness with the team, in my opinion, is the offense. I think it will take a year (maybe two) for the players to get Mangini’s weird offensive scheme. I like his coaching approach in theory, but unfortunately 2,000-some plays is too much for any one playbook. If Mangini can trim those plays to half the number, he’ll have a solid offense too.

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