Tennessee Titans offseason outlook

Who should the Tennessee Titans target in free agency and the draft this offseason? Kirk Morrison, Dave Richard and Pete Prisco join Ryan Bass to break it down.

The Manning Derby

The Peyton Manning derby continued into its second week with little sign of a decision being forthcoming.  It’s almost like the hokey pokey, teams get in, teams get out, Manning flies himself all about.

After meeting with the Dolphins, Titans, Cardinals and Broncos early in the derby process, the Broncos forced the hand of two other teams when the Broncos put out exactly how much they were offering or alleged to be offering Peyton for his services. That figure, said to be around 50 million for 5 years, eliminated the Dolphins and Cardinals from contention.  That left the Titans and Broncos.  But wait, there’s more.

AFC Playoff Picture

The AFC playoff picture is partially painted through week 16 but there are still some spots up for grabs under various scenarios.

Already solidified are the AFC East and a 1st round bye with the Patriots.  The AFC South spot is also sorted out with the Houston Texans.  The two wildcard teams right now are the Steelers and Ravens but that could change depending on what happens this weekend.

The Ravens clinch the AFC North division and a first-round bye with a Ravens win OR a Ravens tie and a Steelers loss or tie OR a Steelers loss.  The Ravens clinch home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs with a Ravens win and a Patriots loss at the Bills.

Who’s Got Next

There is a Thursday night game this week, but outside of their own fans very few people seem to care.  The Colts vs Titans is a division match up with a lot of implications but few people seem excited about it.  At the beginning of the season, this looked like one of the possible games to watch, now it’s kind of like watching a train wreck.

Not For Long

I’ve decided to rename the NFL the Not For Long league because there are some teams and players that are not long for this season.  Some that should have been done a while back and some that are definitely done now.

Vikings – Brett Favre, Brad Childress, and the entire Vikings team – not for long.  Favre is losing games for the Vikings and has been all season with his poor throws and never ending drama.  Childress has no control over a team that conceded all control to Favre.  The Vikings because the ownership will not bench Favre or fito Childress this season.  And this season is OVER for the Vikings – it was over a month ago.

Here We Go Again

So, the only team to claim Randy Moss was the Tennessee Titans.  Once again, everyone is SO excited.  The very same words being uttered.  Randy opens up the field.  Randy draws defenders.  Randy can really help our team.  Heard that before recently?

Chris Johnson Talks About Stalemate at the ESPY’s

I hate holdouts, but then again, we knew that already right? So I especially wasn’t pleased to see Chris Johnson make it known (again!) that he isn’t coming to training camp without a new contract. He used the ESPY’s last night to make sure everyone who might have been living under a rock knew that he was happy with what the Titans were offering.