Too Close To Call

The Houston/Baltimore game is too close to call in my opinion.  Two evenly matched teams and this could be another great playoff game.

Let’s look at some of the stats for these two teams:

Offensive Stats

Total Yards Per Game  Houston 372.1  Ravens 338.7

Passing Yards Per Game Houston 219.1 Ravens 213.9

Rushing Yards Per Game Houston 153.0 Ravens 124.8

Third Down Conversions Houston 41.5% Ravens 42.4%

Time of Possession Houston 1960.0 Ravens 1835.0

Round 1 Game 1

Today is the start of the NFL playoffs and the first game of the first round has a lot of questions to be answered.

The Cincinnati Bengals face off against the Houston Texans in Texas.  The Bengals are one of the back in teams while the Texans won their division weeks ago.  Both teams are young and this is a new place for them to be.

Monday Night Recap

Monday Night Football was back and after about 20 minutes I was changing the channel to baseball.  I did see the starters for both teams, who played, and was not that impressed by either team.

The Jets are going to have some serious issues with their O line.  They have a lot of injuries and last night they sustained even more injuries.  This is going to present a real problem for Sanchez going forward.  As it was, he was 6/7 for 43 yards.  Backup QB McElroy was quite serviceable, though not completely accurate.  He was 23/39 for 208 yards and 1 TD.  He also had 24 yards rushing.

Andre Johnson Almost Catches A Break

The Texans premiere wide receiver Andre Johnson almost caught a break today.  A break of his finger that is.  Instead he got a dislocation and a bone through the skin.

Johnson at practice on Tuesday went up for a ball and hit the tip of his left index finger on the ball and dislocated it.  He said that at the time his finger just didn’t feel right when he made a fist and he had a glove on at the time.  He said he looked at it and it looked kind of ugly so he just popped it back in place.

Run and Gun

On this week’s edition of Thursday Night Football, we have the Philadelphia Eagles vs the Houston Texans.  Michael Vick takes the run and gun show up against the Texans, who badly need a win.