Here, You Give It A Try

This coming weekend at least 3 NFL teams will give new quarterbacks a shot at leading their respective teams.  They are all hoping for different outcomes this time around.

The Redskins have decided to put Rex Grossman on the bench and go with John Beck.  At the first of the preseason, the team was going back and forth and back and forth between Grossman and Beck trying to find one that worked and finally they settled on Grossman.  Well, Grossman turned out to be the same QB he’s always been and the Redskins are now going back to Beck.  The Redskins have had a basic void at QB for years now.  I am not sure that Beck is that answer either.  But with a winning record going into week 7 the Redskins aren’t ready for another 4 INT performance.

Not As Good As You Think

A few teams in the NFL this season are getting far more favorable coverage than they probably deserve.  While their records may be better than some other teams and in some cases better than a lot of other teams, it doesn’t really mean they are that great of a team.  Most have a lot of issues they need to work on and some may not end up anywhere near the post season.  Yes, these teams records are their records but this is not about wins and losses, this is about cores.  Are these really good teams or are their inflated records clouding the issue.

Buy Or Sell

We are now a couple of weeks into the NFL season and it’s time to see what teams we are going to buy or sell.  Some unexpected teams are doing well and some who were expected to do well are not.  So are you buying or selling?  Let’s see.

Not So Fast

Before Monday night’s game versus the Eagles, word came out that the Redskins had given Donovan McNabb a brand new huge contract.  People were asking themselves, why would a team and a player who obviously have problems with each other agree to such a seemingly outrageous deal?! Not so fast my friends.  Once again, things are not as they first appear.

Flying High

Michael Vick took apart record books and Redskins defensive schemes on Monday night with a look of such ease it made you wonder if you were watching a dream.  From the very first play from the snap, Vick looked other worldly.  As if he were an Eagle, flying high above the field of play, above the rain, above the past he has worked hard to put behind him.  Michael Vick was flying high and the Eagles were putting up historic numbers in the NFL record books.

McNabb Wants Haynesworth to Stay in D.C.

I’m kind of tired of the pissing contest between Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and Coach Mike Shanahan, aren’t you? It’s like, keep him and coach him or get him out of there. Enough. I hate feuds. I guess that’s why I’m not a coach.

Nevertheless, Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb wants Haynesworth on the team, and even went so far as to say that the Skins “can’t win” without him. You know that the Redskins were one of my picks as a “team to watch” and I still believe that. I’m with McNabb that Haynesworth is valuable, and Shanahan needs to take all that energy he has spent going back and forth in the egomaniac contest of the year, and just put the feud aside and coach him. Use him. Make him work and do what he is best at.

Shake Your Money Maker

The Forbes list on NFL teams has come out and on it are a few surprises.  At least surprises to me.  A team I would not have seen in the top 5 is there and there are the usual suspects of course.

Topping the list is the Dallas Cowboys are worth 1.8 billion dollar.  That’s more than any other sports team in the WORLD except for Man U, which is worth 1.84 billion.  The Cowboys moved into their new home and sold out every regular season home game with the highest average ticket price at 160 bucks a pop.  The team’s overall operating income last year 143 million dollars, a record for an American sports franchise.

Haynesworth Passes Conditioning

Well, blow me down. Albert Haynesworth finally passed the Washington Redskins conditioning test this morning. I raise my orange juice in salute! So… now what?

This stand off was about much more than just whether or not Haynesworth was in condition to play football. Physically, of course he was. But he and new Coach Mike Shanahan were having a good old fashioned pissing contest on this one. The avoiding mini-camp thing isn’t new. Favre has perfected and Haynesworth followed right in line. We’ll probably see more of this from players, and oh boy I just can’t wait.


There really is not an easy way to put this, but Coach Mike Shanahan needs to get past the conditioning test. Albert Haynesworth is a $21 million a year professional defensive lineman. Arguably, he could be the best defensive lineman in the game.

Granted, last season was not his best. Not to mention the fact that this off-season has been full of a roller coaster ride of emotions and drama throughout the Redskins organization and now the Redskins locker room. Camp has already officially begun. Haynesworth is unable to practice because he failed to successfully complete a 300-yard conditioning test. Now, ESPN and almost ever y other media network is making a point to have sportscasters and average Joes off the street running this test. Everyone is making a complete mockery of Haynesworth and the Redskins.