Ranked vs Ranked

There are only 3 ranked vs ranked matchups in the FBS this weekend.  One could determine who plays for the SEC Championship.  One is surrounded by one of the biggest sports/crime stories ever.  One will have a lot of NFL eyes on it watching the possible #1 overall draft prize for next year.

And So It Begins

I have decided that I am going to pretend that I know nothing of the truth of college football.  Nothing of the money, the rules breaking, the corruption.  Just pretend none of it exists.  That’s the only way I can enjoy the college football season this year.  Just pretend that there is nothing outside of the game on the field.

That said, I am very excited about watching several teams this year and cannot wait for opening Saturday, tomorrow.  The preseason polls are out, but I don’t acknowledge their existence either.  They are ridiculous and based on things yet to be proven or relying on things from last season that may or may not be duplicated.  There is no way Auburn should be an anyone’s top 25 teams but they are.  So, preseason polls are useless and nonexistent.

Big Bowl

This weekend kicks off the big bowls in college football.  The start of the BCS bowls and hopefully some great games.  As much as I am not a fan of the BCS system, I still look forward every year to what I hope will be at least some good games.  More often than not though I find that they turn into blow outs for one side or the other and have a hard time staying interested.  So far this bowl season, we have had many blowouts.  But there have been a few good games so far as well including Lousville vs Southern Miss, Florida Intl vs Toledo, Air Force vs GA Tech, and the upset of Iowa over Missouri.  Let’s look at some upcoming games.

Blue Nightmare

Yes, it is possible that at the end of the season in the national championship game it could be two non-AQ schools duking it out – Boise State and TCU.  As much of a travesty as it would be for traditionalists like myself, it could definitely happen.  All it takes is 1 bad game for the teams ahead of them in the BCS rankings and there you go, two teams who have played in reality 1 ranked team and 11 cupcakes fighting it out to see who’s the best unqualified team to win it all.  It’s a blue nightmare.

College News Avalanche

Los Angeles Times, Sunday 08.22.10
Today is an avalanche of college football news.  It was one big story after another today in college football from Mark Ingram to BYU the hits just kept on coming.

Burn Me Once

Kickoff at Vaught-Hemingway
Reports have it that Houston Nutt and Ole Miss are considering giving ex Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli another chance to play.  Word has it that Masoli may get in to Ole Miss on a little known NCAA rule.  I understand Nutt’s need for a QB since Raymond Cotton hit the road, but has he forgotten what happened with Jamar Hornsby just last year?  Nutt may be about to get burned again.