Andrew Luck Finishes Up At Stanford

Know that Andrew luck is just as excited to get to Indianapolis on Tuesday as we all are.  Luck is finishing up his degree in architecture in Palo Alto, California a world away from his receivers, coaches, and team.  He of course was banned from working out at the complex until he finished his degree.  Fellow colts teammate and college roommate Coby Fleener is also finishing up at Stanford.  We all are counting on Luck to be our savior since the release of Peyton Manning.  Andrew is very smart and I am sure he was hitting the play book hard

The Colts were banned from communicating with him over computer or phone and were also not allowed to travel to him.  At first Jim Irsay was gonna let Luck use his private plane to get around, until the league caught word and nixed that.  His receivers were allowed to travel to California, but apparently never had the opportunity to get together and work out.  Austin Collie did have dinner with Luck and his girlfriend, but no passes were thrown. (Unless maybe they went to a Dave and Busters).
I think it’s a great thing that Andrew is finishing his degree that he worked so hard on for years.  All we have known since 1998 is a smart quarterback, nothing looks to change this year.  He seems like a very likable fellow as well.  I had the opportunity to speak with both Luck and Fleener via twitter while they were at the Players Association Headquarters.  Coby said when asked how he was able to focus on school when all he had was football on the brain, “It’s difficult.  I can’t wait to be done with school.  I loved my time at Stanford but am ready for the NFL”.  I asked Luck kinda a funny question about his appearance on Gruden’s Quarterback Camp.  He vowed to never throw to the Venus again on a spider 3 y banana.  Saying “Coach Gruden made sure I will never do that again.  I learned my lesson against USC last year”. (He threw a pick six late in the game after making the wrong read).
I bought my Luck jersey last weekend, so I am very excited for our new Captain to finally get here on Tuesday.  Not as excited for the return of the neck beard.

WAC Gone Wack

Just like in the movies, the Western Athletic Conference appears as if it will ride into the sunset.

On May 2, Utah State and San Jose State announced they would be leaving the WAC for greener grass in the Mountain West Conference. Both universities will be replacing Boise State and San Diego State, who left the MWC for the Big East. USU and SJSU will be formally joining the MWC Friday and begin playing in the 2013-14 season.

For Utah State, this move brings the rekindling of previous rivalries with Colorado State and Wyoming, who were both previously in the WAC.

Stalking 7

The Carroll College Saints football team goes for their 7th NAIA national championship title today.  It’s just another step in an amazing football program in Helena, Montana.

The Saints bring a long tradition of winning at the top level with them to the national championship game in Rome, Georgia today.  The one thing they don’t bring is thinking that just because of that tradition they will win this game.  They know they have had to work hard to get here this year and that this game will be just as hard to win.  Their motto for this season has been, performance not reputation.  It’s what you do today, not what you have done in the past that matters.

End Of The Line

It was the end of the line for the Montana Grizzlies last night in the FCS college football playoffs.  Sam Houston State was the end of the line.

The Grizzlies came into the game coming off finals week, traveling from Montana to Texas on Thursday night before the Saturday game and breaking news in all the papers about accusations that some U of M players were being accused of date rape using date rape drugs.  All of this and facing the #1 ranked Sam Houston State in the semifinals of the FCS playoffs.

2011 Heisman

Tonight, the Heisman Trophy will be awarded to another college football standout.  As the time draws closer it is looking more and more like it’s a Bear who will be taking home the prize.

The 5 candidates have all had outstanding seasons and have helped their teams win games and even conferences.  One is a coveted probably #1 overall upcoming NFL draft pick and one has made a name, both literally and figuratively as a huge playmaker for his team.  A case for all the candidates this year could be made, but it seems that one is rising above the others in polls and predictions as the time of the award ceremony approaches.  Let’s take a look at all 5 candidates.

And Then There Were 35

A week before the first bowl game kicks off, we realize just how ridiculous yet again the BCS system is.  There are 35 bowl games.  THIRTY-FIVE.  The quest for money is in full display and the quest to find out what team is truly best in the nation falls by the wayside yet again.

Montana FCS Playoffs

The Montana colleges are still in the FCS playoffs this weekend and with one game in the books, Montana looks to be on a roll.

Good Dawgs

The Georgia Bulldogs didn’t end the season on the note that fans would have wanted, but they did end the season with a winning record, and a good one at that.

At the beginning of the season, it looked for all the world like Mark Richt was headed out of Georgia.  The media certainly had him with one foot out the door based on last season’s poor showing.  The team started off against Boise State and promptly lost the game.  This gave rise to even more articles predicting Richt’s demise and gave Boise State even more “artificially” created credibility.  Georgia was already on the ropes according to many.

Rivalry Weekend

Another big rivalry weekend is upon us and there are some great matchups on tap for Saturday football.

Georgia gets a preview of the big game in the Georgia Dome coming in the SEC Championship when they go to the Dome to play Georgia Tech.  The longstanding rivalry matches the #13 ranked Bulldogs against the #23 ranked Yellow Jackets.  Families all across Georgia will be split between the two watching the game.  Georgia has an opportunity to get a win and carry that momentum into next week’s showdown in the dome most likely against LSU.

Big Game Friday

One of the biggest games of the weekend takes place today, Friday, instead of the traditional Saturday.  Arkansas vs LSU in a battle of #3 vs #1 and one that could determine how the BCS plays out in a big way.

Arkansas comes into the game ranked #3 overall and with a record of 10-1 overall and 6-1 in the SEC.  The Hawgs are 10th overall in passing yards and 13th overall in points for.  LSU on the other hand is ranked #1 overall with an 11-0 overall record and a 7-0 record in the SEC.  They are 19th overall in rushing yards, 14th overall in points for but the big stat for LSU is that they are 2nd overall in points against.  Their defense allows very, very few points.  Mostly against cupcake teams, but even against Alabama.