Denver’s First Mistake

The Broncos may have committed their first and quite possibly last mistake of the season.

The Broncos and by extension Tim Tebow seem to believe that the Chiefs aren’t considering this weekend’s game as a type of payback scenario.  That’s their first mistake.  Make no mistake, the Chiefs are coming in to this game with 2 intentions.  One is to win the game and prevent Denver from going to the post season and two is to avenge their quarterback, Kyle Orton’s, name and reputation.

Playoffs Day 2

EaglesThe playoffs march into Sunday with two games.  One that could be a blow out and one that could be one of the best games of the year.  You never know how these things will play out though and the unexpected can happen more than you think.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Several NFL teams should have won, would have won, or could have won yesterday that didn’t.  It was a day for looking like you had the game in the bag only to find the bag had a hole in it.  Some big comeback efforts and some heartbreaking endings for several teams that shoulda, woulda, coulda been different.

The Buffalo Bills had the Chicago Bears down for most of the game.  The Bills played much better than the Bears did, but they let the Bears come back.  At the end of the game it was Bears 22 Bills 19.   The Bills have played well all season only to come up short in just about every game.  It’s got to be heartbreaking to almost win just about every game you play.

NFL Games To Watch – Week 9

Two matchups this weekend that are going to be excellent – or at least they look like they will on paper.  One is for dominance of both the NFC South and possibly the entire NFC and the other is a smash mouth fight for the AFC West.