Staggering NFL Stats Of The Midseason

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I was reading a couple midseason pieces, and I ran across a couple of insane stats that just had my jaw on the floor for a few minutes.  Honestly, they were hard to recover from.  So, I had to write about them as an outlet, otherwise, I would have gone crazy.  I mean, I would have gone totally nuts.  So, here goes.

Matt Forte, of the Chicago Bears, is having a great season, right?  He’s coming out of his shell for a second season in a row to great effect.  He’s so much of the Bears offense, so it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that he has some crazy stats going on.  But this.  This is just incredible.

Forte is on pace to exceed 950 RECEIVING yards.  Receiving yards.  He’s a running back, people.  That’s insane.  Plus, we know he’s running the ball.  So, that means that he’s basically on auto pilot.  He’s also on pace to surpass Marshall Faulk and LaDainian Tomlinson and Jesus Christ in total yards from scrimmage.  Yeah.  Those numbers that we thought would never be challenged because, really, who challenges anything Faulk or Tomlinson (or Christ for that matter) ever did?  It’s incredible.  I say go for it, Matt.

The other stat that really caught my attention.  Darrelle Revis is the ultimate “shut down his side of the field guy,” right?  He is the guy who can take out the other team’s best receiver.  He does it every week.  That’s cool.  However, he’s got on amazing stat that I just can’t even comprehend.

Darrelle Revis is so effective that quarterbacks throwing against him have a 2.9 passer rating.  2.  POINT.  9.

That’s like a pitcher having an ERA of .002.  It’s that serious.  Can we just make him the defensive player of the year right now?  Heck, if the Jets make a major run, he should be the Co-MVP.

Are those some amazing stats, or what?

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