Spending Your Cap Space

Just read that all teams in the NFL, combined, have $711 million of cap space to use during the offseason.  In case you didn’t know, that’s a lot of money.  So, who do you spend it on?  Who can you sign that is going to make your team better?

Well, if you are desperate for a quarterback, you might spend it on that, but you have to be getting someone who could win you a Super Bowl right now or a person who will be with you for the next 7-10 years.

You could spend it on a running back, but he’ll likely fall apart before the end of whatever contract you offer him.  You could get a shutdown corner, but there’s no guarantee that a shutdown corner will actually shut anything down.  Plus, teams are still going to score.

You could get a wide receiver, but they tend to be fool’s gold even if they are really good.  You could even spend some money on a star linebacker, but, ultimately, no one’s going to be really afraid of him unless his name is Ray Lewis.

So, who do you spend all this money on?


Bring in as many worthy linemen as you can.  Even sign some reserves to make sure you have enough people to cover every package on defense and to make sure you aren’t left hanging if there is an injury on offense.  If you don’t have enough linemen, you will find out really quickly that you need more.  However, when you find that out, there’s nobody to be had.  Then, you’re stuck changing assignments and moving people around to positions they really shouldn’t be playing.

Even if you sign three or four guys, that wouldn’t be overdoing it because you really can never have enough people at the line of scrimmage.  That’s just the rule of the road.


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