Snakes in a Locker Room

When Brett Favre was in Green Bay, he was known for constantly playing pranks. Looks like that attitude has continued in the Packers locker room even after Favre’s departure. This week Green Bay was in Seattle for their preseason game, and they decided to pull light-hearted prank. They put a fake snake in a Gatorade cooler, and told players to “check out the new Gatorade.” When they did, they were more than surprised to see a snake looking back at them. They even made a video with the number of guys who swore their heads off and jumped back from the cooler. I gotta admit, it is funny seeing big bad football players running away like a little girl.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Creative Commons License photo credit: Steven W. Belcher

When something like this happens in the league, it’s time for the regular season already. Bring on the real games!

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