Shake Your Money Maker

The Forbes list on NFL teams has come out and on it are a few surprises.  At least surprises to me.  A team I would not have seen in the top 5 is there and there are the usual suspects of course.

Topping the list is the Dallas Cowboys are worth 1.8 billion dollar.  That’s more than any other sports team in the WORLD except for Man U, which is worth 1.84 billion.  The Cowboys moved into their new home and sold out every regular season home game with the highest average ticket price at 160 bucks a pop.  The team’s overall operating income last year 143 million dollars, a record for an American sports franchise.

The next team on the list surprised me.  It is the Washington Redskins.  They are worth 1.55 billion and have an operating revenue of 104 million.  The Redskins boosted their nonbroadcasting revenue to 202 million a year by selling the stadium name rights to FedEx , increasing stadium capacity, and premium seating tickets.

Third on the list no surprise the New England Patriots.  They are worth 1.37 billion.  The Patriots have developed a lot of the real estate around the stadium and have used social media like Facebook and Twitter to boost fan support to exponential levels translating into ticket and merchandise sales.  The Patriots also own the MLS soccer team the Revolution and thereby keep their stadium in use almost year round.

On the other end of the rainbow, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the team worth the least money coming in at 725 million.  They lost 17,000 season ticket holder sales after their dismal 2008 season.  They also lost a ton of revenue by having all but one of their games blacked out at home.  In hopes of boosting income this year, they have discounted ticket prices considerably.

The only two teams to lose money, the Detroit Lions who lost 2.9 million and the Miami Dolphins who lost 7.7 million.  The Lions have a big debt load since they ponied up 350 million of the 440 million to construct Ford Field.  The Lions had 8 games blacked out last season.  They have cut prices on 19,000 seats in hopes of boosting their ticket sales.

Popular teams sell – the Cowboys can’t get to the Super Bowl, but they still make money.  Smart owners make paper – Jerry Jones of the Cowboys and Dan Snyder of the Redskins know how to make money with their facilities. Winners rake – The Patriots win and they keep bringing the fans ever closer to the players and the game through the use of the Internet.  Every team in the league could take a lesson from these three teams.  They know how to shaker their money maker.

© photo credit: Janz Images

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