Running Wild

DSC03617Now that Dez Bryant, my pick for breakout running back of 2010 has injured his ankle, I’ve been considering who would take his spot in my mind.  I’ve finally settled on someone who I know most people will scoff at, but it’s not like I care.  The new breakout running back of 2010 in my mind will be Jahvid Best of the Detroit Lions.

The only thing that could hinder my opinion is if Detroit does the back by committee line.  Then Best will be a third down or change of pace back.  This could put a huge crimp in any big number season unless he is the red zone back in short yardage.  That to me seems a waste of his talents.  Best is extremely fast and can get downfield quickly.  I would use him in first and second situations and Kevin Smith who is coming back from injury in short situations so as not to put too much stress on his total recovery.

The Lions have quite an upward looking offensive situation.  Now, I’m not saying they are going to the playoffs, but a significant improvement over last year is definitely within reach.  Best offers a wide variety of uses with a solid running back.  In the Lions scheme this year, he could have a breakout year.  I will definitely be watching.

Deborah Horton Writing

© photo credit: yodie ann

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