Rivers Says He Would Be ‘Nauseated’ If Raiders Moved To San Diego

philip riversStrong words from San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers about the potential of the Chargers rivals, the Oakland Raiders, replacing the Chargers in San Diego.

There is a chance that the Chargers could move to L.A. along with the Rams and the Raiders could relocate to San Diego. If that ever happened, Philip Rivers tells Darren Smith of Mighty 1090 AM that he might lose his lunch.

“That one can get me a little nauseated, to be honest with you,” Rivers said when asked about the possibility of the Raiders moving to San Diego. “The thought of that one is a little sickening. That one’s hard to stomach. It’s hard enough thinking about moving. … The thought of the Raiders being here and us not might be tougher than all the rest. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that.”

And could anyone blame him? Rivers has started every game for the Chargers since 2006 and has called San Diego home since 2004. Seeing that home taken over by a team he’s played twice every season would understandably not be easy to stomach.

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