Ready, Set…..

Almost go.  The players are still going over the contract this weekend and as of this moment, to the best of my knowledge, there is no vote scheduled.  There have been a lot of conflicting and erroneous reports coming out of the players side and the media side of things, but as of right now, there is no vote scheduled on the players side.

That said, there is a schedule in place for whenever this all gets said and done, signed and sealed.  The schedule would pretty much remain the same.  The only question is on what date it gets started.  The schedule looks something like this:

Day 1: Players would be able to voluntarily train, do conditioning and film and playbook work at team facilities.  A very brief exclusivity window will open on this day.  Teams could renegotiate existing contracts of current players. They can sign draft picks and re-sign their own free agents.   At 2pm on this day teams can start talking to OTHER teams free agents and also rookies who were not drafted but they can NOT sign them on this day.

Day 2: At 2pm on this day, teams can begin to sign rookies who were not drafted.

Day 5: Teams would be able to formally sign any unrestricted free agents.  Offer sheets can be signed by restricted free agents.  Trades can be completed.  Every team must be under the $120 million salary cap.  Team rosters can be expanded to 90 players.  Training camps can be opened but activities would be limited to physicals, meetings and conditioning.

Day 6:  Practices without pads can be started at training camps.

Day 7:  Still no pads at training camp practices.

Day 8:  Practice with pads can get underway on this day.

Teams and players will be making deals at warp speed given this shortened and overlapping schedule of camp and free agency.  Once the deal is signed and sealed, things will begin moving very, very quickly.  News is likely to break in terms of seconds on Twitter and the like.  Given that some news coming out about the players side of the CBA has been completely erroneous, it is best to check and double check any news that comes out about free agency and rookie signings to make sure they are indeed fact and not rumor.

Nevertheless, things will be moving very quickly and after months of basically no NFL news we are all about to be inundated with it….after the deal is done that is.

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