Ravens Zbikowski Now 3-0 In The Boxing Ring

The Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski is now 3-0 on his professional boxing career with a unanimous decision on Sunday night in Atlantic City.

Zbikowski won the bout, his first professional bout not won on a first round knockout, but unanimous decision over Caleb Grummet.  Zbikowski, who has boxed as an amateur since age 10 had amassed a 75 and 15 record.  He won his first professional fight at Madison Square Garden in June 2006.  Zbikowski has said he hopes to continue boxing even after the new CBA is in place during the football off season.

Currently, he is a restricted free agent and will not be able to sign a new contract until the lockout is over.  In 2012, he will be an unrestricted free agent and his new contract would have to be structured to allow him to box during the off season.  The NFL, as are most sports, restrictive about what activities players can participate in while under contract.  Most do not allow participation in other professional sports, especially ones where injury is a concern.  It remains to be seen if Zbikowski can work out a contract that would allow him to continue to box.

His next scheduled fight is April 23 at the Indian Casino outside of Dallas.

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