Players and Injuries

Well, I might as well weigh in on the hoopla about the increased injury enforcements from the NFL. Everyone seems to be discussing it these days, and for good reason. It’s been a rough season thus far.

Listen, no one wants guys to be hurt. Sure, it’s a physical game, but that’s different from having debilitating injuries from it. Things are fast and physical but that doesn’t mean players should have to worry about losing the ability to think or reason or remember or walk.

My problem is not the rules in place to protect guys, but rather, how they are enforced. There are some players that whine for an illegal hit every single time they end up on the ground. Other guys get called for things that were about as hefty as a good hair pull. But in order to protect the guys on the field, sometimes you are going to have those types of calls.

Football has changed quite a bit from the early beginnings, which is a good thing. It will continue to change and evolve. The league is always going to be cognizant of interest in the game, so as fans we shouldn’t worry about the game being exciting enough. These new rules will be worked out but they will bring about new changes. For example, you can’t fine every defender for the way he plays without putting some rejections on the ball carriers, right? Fans should prepare themselves for changes, but I think the long run it will all be to benefit the game.

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