Pick ‘Em

I detest pre-season polls.  They are almost always a combination of prejudice and laziness.  But I thought, how about a pre-season poll that is quite possibly completely insane.  Could be fun…let’s do it!

AFC East

Patriots  – Jets – Dolphins – Bills

AFC North

Ravens – Bengals – Steelers – Browns

AFC South

Colts – Titans – Texans – Jaguars

AFC West

Broncos – Chargers – Chiefs – Raiders

NFC East

Cowboys – Giants – Eagles – Redskins

NFC North

Packers – Vikings – Lions – Bears

NFC South

Saints – Falcons – Panthers – Bucs

NFC West

49ers – Cardinals – Seahawks – Rams

Now that you have sufficiently restarted breathing again over whatever slight of your team I may have committed, let’s have some discussion on where I’m wrong and where I’m right.  That’s what pre-season polls are really all about anyway – getting the discussion going.  Making some people happy and some people want to stab you.  So which category are you in?  And feel free to tell me your choices – go ahead pick ’em!

© photo credit: hasanahmad1980

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