Penn State Must Clean House – And That Includes Paterno

Penn State is embroiled in the worst scandal ever to hit college sports.

This is not players getting money from boosters, fathers selling their Heisman winning quarterback to the highest bidder or even the betting scandal to grip college basketball in 1951.

This is so much worse. This is Penn State, the “purest” of the major college football programs and the sexual abuse of under-age children on the Penn State campus.

I am shocked at how much Penn State enabled Sandusky. Penn State just banned Sandusky from their campus on SUNDAY _ as in Nov. 6, 2011.

The Penn State athletic director and vice president are charged with allegedly covering up the abuse, and the Penn State president Graham Spanier says that the school will pay the legal bills for them both.

Penn State a school that prides itself on its academic reputation, yet is footing the legal costs for two of its employees who are charged with perjury for allegedly not alerting police when they learned that Sandusky had allegedly sexually abused a young boy in a locker room shower in 2002. Why is Penn State doing this? Why are they not put on administrative leave?

And that 2002 incident raises so many questions.  According to a Pennsylvania grand jury “finding of fact” released Saturday a Penn State graduate assistant believed that he saw Sandusky and a 10-year-old boy engaged in a sexual act in an empty Penn State football locker room.

The graduate assistant met with Joe Paterno to tell him what he saw, and Paterno passed those comments on to Curley. Why did Paterno or Curley not notify university police or have the graduate assistant further questioned involving the incident? Instead, Penn State let Sandusky continue to use the university’s facilities until today!

Why? How many more children did Sandusky continue to molest because Paterno or Curley did not do the right thing and go to the police?

The only way that Penn State can show students, alumni and the public at large that they are serious about clearing the schools name is to fire everyone involved in the Sandusky affair.

And that includes Joe Paterno. There is no reason why he did not go to the police in 2002. Saying that he told Curley is passing the buck and that is not good enough here.

Penn State needs to show they take child abuse on their campus serious and that means anyone that enabled Sandusky has to go. Now. Not next week or next year, but now.

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