Penn State linebacker Glenn Carson Calls Iowa “A Wrestling School”

Penn State linebacker Glenn Carson added a little more fire to this weekend’s match-up with Iowa by saying:

“Iowa’s a wrestling school, and Penn State’s a football school, so we’ve got to take it to them,” Carson said, before addressing the atmosphere in Kinnick Stadium during Iowa’s 24-3 win over the Nittany Lions last year. “… They [the fans] think they have this stranglehold on us, and we just have to humble them up a bit.”

Carson later said he was joking and nodded to the success he watched the Hawkeyes have on the mat under former coach Dan Gable, but his comments quickly gained traction as potential bulletin-board material.

And while former Iowa safety Tyler Sash took to Twitter to ask Carson when Penn State last beat the Black and Gold, the current Hawkeyes said they weren’t interested in taking the bait.

“We have a great wrestling program, and I think we have a great football program,” Shaun Prater said. “People can say whatever they want. We try our best not to speak until afterward, until the game is over. I try to let my actions do the talking, and if I happen to say something once in a while, it’s usually nice.”


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