Penn State Lands 1st Florida Commit in 10 Years

I have written several times about how good Penn State’s recruiting has been under Bill O’Brien. O’Brien has focused on taking back the traditional Penn State recruiting areas of Pennsylvania an New Jersey and expanded that to include Maryland. What I am shocked at is that O’Brien has expanded the Penn State recruiting area to Florida, an state where Penn State has not got a recruit from in a decade.

Three star defensive back Neiko Robinson is being described as “under the radar” due to his absence from most recruiting services. But that does not mean that he is not a football player.

Tim Tolley of had this to say about Neiko.

Neiko’s film is terrific. Four of the first five plays result in him scoring a defensive touchdown, the fifth results in an injured wide receiver. For being just 5’11” 170 pounds, Robinson can hit. He shows good angles, strong closing speed on the ball and a good tackling form. If I was looking for a flaw, it’s difficult to tell exactly how fast his straight-line speed is, although he reports a 4.51 40 yard dash time.

Neiko Robinson Junior Highlights

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