Pay NCAA Athletes?

Coins There are people who are thinking about trying to come up with a system for paying college athletes.  Especially in the case of football players — it’s about freaking time.

College football players produce more money for their schools than most of us can possibly imagine.  The sheer magnitude of the cash flowing in every year is astounding.  Forgetting the losses schools take on bowl games (which is part of a bigger money-driven system), some of these schools clean up.

Paying athletes makes sense because they are generating for schools.  Basically, you could say that they should just be stipended like graduate assistants.

There’s got to be a way to have money set aside, that is paid out to students on a semi-regular basis, but that is handed out by the NCAA.  I know the NCAA is basically inept, but I can understand wanting them to control this process so that they can make sure nothing strange happens during the exchange of the money every month or semester.

Then, we won’t have to read a story every other day about students selling memorabilia or about trades for tattoos or whatever.  Other students are allowed to have jobs, take gigs, get paid to do something, but these athletes generate millions and see none of it (that is legal anyways.)

The process may take years to figure out, but there is certainly enough money to pay the athletes that are making the schools money.  It’s not that EVERYONE should get paid big bucks, but there’s got to be a way to avoid these scandals every other day.  Minor violations, major violations, we’ve got to get a handle on this before money actually does completely take over.

And yes, giving some of it to the players will prevent that faster than we might think.

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