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The following week may have been the Patriots bye week, but the 3-1 squad likely got little rest with the ongoing rumors hitting the papers regarding the Randy Moss insubordination situation that occurred in the private camp of Bill Belichick’s in New England.

Belichick (of course) has said very little about the alleged feud that erupted between Moss and several players and the coaching staff and the head coach earlier today denied any knowledge of the report of a catfight between Tom Brady and Moss. Brady allegedly told Moss during a dispute that he should shave his beard, Moss fired back that Brady should cut his hair because he looks like a girl.  And of course Belichick would deny such an act taking place in his locker room considering the fact that it is one of the most ridiculous and high school girlish things that ever has allegedly taken place between two future Hall of Famers. After all Joe Montana never whined at Jerry Rice that he should clip his toe nails more often and Rice never told Montana he should quit rubbing Icy Hot on his shoulder because it was stinky.

Who knows if this story really did happen or not and who knows why exactly the New England Patriots gave Moss away for such very little in return, but it seems as if Moss departed the Patriots much like he joined them. As a great nuisance to his coach and his teammates.

Moss joined the Patriots in 2007 and all the Raiders got in return was a 4th round pick which the Patriots had acquired the day before from the San Francisco 49ers. The Raiders selected a cornerback named John Bowie with that pick and the young man now plays in the UFL and didn’t last more then a season on the Raiders roster. In other words Moss had a good run with the Patriots and although the relationship never produced a single Super Bowl title it still was an impressive streak and only receiving a 3rd round pick for the perennial Pro Bowler is not that terrible of a crime considering how badly they ripped the Raiders off years ago.

Moss is past his prime and is now nowhere near as good as he was when he joined the squad back in 2007, so the fact that he was traded for so little proves that Al Davis was crazy even back then in 2007. But Moss was traded for so little last week because of similar reasons to Oakland’s for giving him away. He refused to play hard on every play and he also was a huge problem in the locker room. Moss began screaming at coaches, arguing with other players, refusing to realistically negotiate, and demanding his next dream destination.

The Patriots lost a player this week that they needed to prove they are Super Bowl worthy this season because their defense simply doesn’t cut it without an offense that scores less then 30 points nearly every  big game. But without Moss I don’t believe that the Patriots have enough star power to carry themselves into the Super Bowl anymore and I felt the same way last year when they traded Richard Seymour away for a 1st round pick to the Raiders of all teams. The Ravens ran the ball down the Pats throat in the playoffs and they had no answer for Ray Rice between the tackles because of Seymour’s absence. Similarly I think Brady still needs a reliable deep threat in order to consistently dink and dump the ball to Welker and everybody else on the team. Without Moss the double team moves to Welker and the rest of the staff and creates less one on ones with the remaining players and leaves the question of a deep threat on the current roster up for debate.

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