Paternos Make Annual $100K Donation To Penn State

Showing that is the class we have came to know and love, Joe Paterno and his wife donated $100,000 last month to Penn State, just weeks after being fired as the schools head football coach.

The Paterno’s donation will be split between a library and an undergraduate fellows program that bear the family name.

Sue Paterno on Monday described the contributions to the Paterno Liberal Arts Undergraduate Fellows Program and the Paterno Library as an annual gift.

Students in the fellows program receive $1,500 to $5,000 to help fund research, overseas study and internships.

English professor Jack Selzer, who runs it, said the $50,000 gift was the couple’s second contribution to the program.

“It helps students who otherwise would never have a chance to study abroad (to) have a chance,” Selzer said. “It really frees them up for experiences that they could otherwise never afford.”

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