Owner Pushback In Negotiations

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The NFL owners and players have been making significant progress in negotiations that they’ve been having of late.  They chose to meet on their own, no one told them to, and they’re really getting somewhere.  Now, word has gotten out that there are owners who are not comfortable with the state of the negotiations and there is some pushing back going on.

Apparently, it’s just a handful of owners, but some of them feel that they are rushing to make a deal like they did in 2006.  Only, they spoke up early in the process, stopped talking, and now they’re complaining again.  You know, the real reason we have a problem in the first place is the owners.

So, wouldn’t you think that they would air their grievances as they arose during negotiations?

Well, I guess that’s the price of doing business when you’re dealing with spoiled billionaires.  Faye Vincent said on ESPN Radio the other day that he thought the owner’s job was to be “gentlemen” and winning wasn’t everything.  Ok, did being smart enter into that equation at any time?

Again, this makes the owners look bad because now it seems as if some of them simply wanted to screw up the process for everybody else.  I mean, it makes sense.  Wait until the last possible second before you say anything, keep everybody there longer, frustrate everyone, and who knows how long negotiations could go on.

Of course, we have no way of knowing the real reasons why some owners are having a hard time with the deal at this particular juncture, but it just doesn’t look good–even if we did know the real reasons.

Can we just get this thing done already?  You’re SO close to a deal.  I mean, so close.  How in the world can you get cold feet now?  The deadline to get a full preseason is July 14th, and you’re a month out from that.

Come on and make the deal.

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  1. http://Tony says

    Pretty much it is spoiled rich guys dealing with players who are spoiled rich guys. I would not put it all on the owners, the players are ridiculous as well.

  2. http://Tony says

    Basically the money issues are ridiculous, the players make more than enough money. The only issues I think have enough merit are the rookies making tons of money without proving themselves and in many cases more than proven players and the health and retirement issues for the players. They need to take care of the less fortunate players after they finish their careers.

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