Sanchez calling a play
I’ve said it before and I say it again, the Jets are overrated.  ESPN ranked the Jets 8th in their preseason poll.  Ahead of the Patriots and several other teams that are significantly better than the Jets.  Friday night’s loss to the Redskins only underscored the reason they are overrated.

Sanchez was 13 of 21 with 1 TD and 1 INT.  The Redskins defense roughed him up considerably.  The Jets had 4 fumbles.  And perhaps most telling is that they could not defeat a Redskins team that fielded Rex Grossman as their QB who fumbled the ball twice himself.

The Jets are not going to be in the top 10 teams of the NFL this season.  They do not have the offense for it.  The defense is acceptable, but they couldn’t capitalize on Redskins mistakes.  They had 1 sack, no INTs, and forced just 1 fumble out of 4 that the Redskins had.  The Redskins defense was all over the Jets offense.  When the Jets face an even tougher defense than the Redskins a total collapse is not out of the question.

I think the Jets finish third in their division.  Right now, however, in preseason they are in 4th behind even the Bills.  Definitely not a place a team ranked 8th in preseason polls needs to be.  I predict this is going to be a tough season for the Jets who are most definitely overrated.

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