One Unlikely Winner On Signing Day

Creative Commons License photo credit: qwrrty

National Signing Day comes and goes every year with self-important-snotty-teenagers sitting in press conferences fiddling around with hats or cakes or bumblebees or whatever it is they want to mess around with to show the world the choice they’ve made in where they want to play football.

(This exact phenomenon is the EXACT reason that I will NEVER lay off Terrelle Pryor…he had the most disgusting press conference where he had the Michigan hat on and then changed it to the Ohio State hat.  It was pathetic and stupid and he’s only played one good game since then…Ohio State’s bowl game this year.)

Anyways, these kids get into all the hoopla, but they still have to perform, go to class and be coached well.  Some people recruit like crazy but it means next to nothing.  Others recruit kind of “ok” and everything turns out fine. 

I suppose it’s not surprise that Texas and Florida and Georgia had good recruiting classes.  Florida especially.  Don’t you think it’s possible that Urban Meyer leveraged his “I’m-retiring-oops-no-I’m-not-and-now-my-wife-is-pissed” act to get recruits to come because they’re thinking “If he takes a break he’ll be at Florida forever”?

I do.  Florida has the number 1 recruiting class in the country, which is fine, but I just think some of it came about in the “leveraged stupidity” market.  Meyer played us all.

Tennessee made a good showing by taking a few prized recruits for themselves and this leads me to my point about Derek Dooley. 

He’s going to be great because he’s Vince Dooley’s kid and because he’s Vince Dooley’s kid.

Who wouldn’t want to play for him?  I bet he’s the nicest dude in public.  Oh, by the way, my dad coached Hershel Walker.  If you’re an offensive player that might be all you need to hear.

Who won the day?  Tennessee.  Why?  Because Derek Dooley is leveraging his name in a good way.

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