No Love Lost Between Osi And McCoy

FedEx Stadium Washington Redskins vs New York Giants
I’m still laughing just a little after reading about Osi Uemyiora and LeSean McCoy’s little tiff they’re having in the media.  I mean, we haven’t even settled the labor dispute, and these two guys are bickering like the game is tomorrow.  I just love it.  You couldn’t ask for anything better from the NFC East.  You really couldn’t.

Ok, so, McCoy said that Osi is “soft”, “overrated”, and about the third best defensive lineman on his team.  As far as I know, not true, but, whatever.  Then Osi shot back:

“I refer to him as she because that is something that a woman would do.  You can sit over there and be a Twitter gangster all you want to but on the football field is where you are supposed to address these types of things.”

“I have always referred to him as that [Lady Gaga] because he is woman.  We have a lot of animosity toward each other personally and on the football field is where I thought it was left. But he has decided to take it off the football field and say some things that I just have no respect for.”

“Whenever a guy like an Andy Reid or a Michael Vick or a Jason Peters, whenever they come out and say some things like that, that might hurt me, but a guy like LeSean McCoy, he’s a nobody. He just needs to be quiet.”

Those sound like fightin’ words to me.  It’s nice to know that when we finally get back on the field the guys in the league are going to be hungry to knock each other’s heads off.  I didn’t imagine that they could be this fired up in the middle of the summer, but this is exciting.  Maybe somebody else will step up to the plate and give us a little drama to enjoy.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Kevin Coles

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