Nike Uniforms? Is The NFL Getting A Little Too “Slick” (Possibly Girly) For Its Own Good?

The first time I saw a story about the new Nike uniforms, I was a little bit confused because I was unsure as to how the NFL could unveil new uniforms for all the teams.  I mean, the team pick their designs, right?  They do, but the league picks who makes them.  So, it’s not Reebok anymore, it’s Nike.

(If you’re like me, and you heard that Nike was making the new uniforms for all the teams, you probably thought you were going to get an entire professional football league with nothing but the gosh awful uniforms that Oregon wears.  I mean, that would be awful–it makes Oregon hard enough to watch as it is.)

But, that’s not it.  It’s just a sleeker and more streamlined version of the uniforms that they had.  That’s all.  So, I can live with that.  If you go and look at pictures of the new uniforms, they do look pretty smooth.  So, can I ask a question?

In some people’s eyes, some of you out there,  is the league getting a little too slick?  I’m not positing this one way or another.  I’m honestly asking.  Does anybody feel like these new uniforms (that were unveiled at a fashion show with models and everything) combined with the reduced amounts of hitting and the protection of quarterbacks is kind of making the league “wimpy?”

Remember, I don’t care one way or another, but I think there are people who might feel like the league is almost getting a little bit too feminine.  I mean, I can see why someone would think that.  Fashion show uniforms, less hitting, protected quarterbacks?

The league does such a good job with its image, but, there are small things that perhaps they don’t notice.  Anybody out there agree on this one?  Doesn’t seem so “rough and tumble,” does it?



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