NFLPA To Work All Weekend On Deal

No One Person (115/365)
I guess there’s a lot to look at, the players aren’t entirely comfortable yet, and both sides are doing a little preening and posturing so that they can make themselves look good in the public eye.  Yeah, the owners might have voted so they could put the ball in the players’ court, and the players might be taking their time because they want to make sure the owners aren’t trying to slip something past them, but that does not forgive the stupidity with which all of this went down.

Everything was fine, and then DeMaurice Smith came out of his hiding hole in Washington and gave this very angry, little presser where he acted like the owners had just kicked his dog.  Unfortunately, they were all in Atlanta.  So, no dog-kicking had occurred.  He was just mad, and he was preening and posturing for the camera.  You know why that’s a problem?  NOBODY thought there was a problem.

Now, he’s mad, the owners are trying to get this thing done, and we’re back to square one.  Sure, square one might not actually be square one, but it’s far back enough that the players will be working through the weekend to see if the deal can be ratified and how they can re-certify themselves as a union.

Am I mad at the players?  No.  Am I frustrated?  Yes.  DeMaurice Smith, for my money, is the worst player’s union rep in sports.  He needs to stop trying to be the upset of Gene Upshaw (quite and reserved) by being loud and obnoxious, and he needs to just do his stinking job.  No more angry press conferences.  No more whining.  No more complaining.  You, roger, cell phone, go.

Call us when it’s over, because it should’ve been over on Friday and now you’ve drug this out for almost no reason at all.  You may be looking something over, but you want the owners to sweat.  Don’t think that’s lost on the fans.


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