New York Giants Jason Pierre-Paul Has Right Index Finger Amputated

New York Giants franchise defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul reportedly had his right index finger amputated on Wednesday following a July 4 weekend fireworks accident.

But even with the gruesome news of the lost finger, Pierre-Paul’s career might not be in jeopardy according to CBS Sports John Breech.

The Giants can’t know what to make of this news because they reportedly are hearing about this from media reports. The team sent long-time trainer Ronnie Barnes and special assistant (and former player) Jessie Armstead to visit Pierre-Paul in the hospital, but he refused to let them see him. Other reports say that the Giants offered medical help but were rebuffed with that, too.

Pierre-Paul was given the Giants’ franchise tag and is due to make $14.8 million on a one-year tender, but he has yet to sign the offer. Could the Giants revoke the offer, thus making him a free agent? It’s possible, as they already have taken a $60 million long-term offer off the negotiating table.

This story gets more bizarre by the day.

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