New Unis For All

The NFL and Nike unveiled their new uniforms this week and some teams had little change, some had some subtle changes and some were majorly overhauled.

Little change was in effect for teams like the Steelers, the Lions, the Bears.  They remained relatively the same as their old uniforms and in reality were even more subdued.  Just the colors.  Nothing fancy.  They stuck with the basics.

Subtle changes for teams like the Falcons, the Patriots, the Broncos, the Bucs.  In the subtle change category, teams got things like color inserts on the shirt sides, perhaps something on the shoulders.  Maybe some changes to helmets.  The Patriots have a uniform that has stars on the sides of the shirt and stripes on the shoulders.  The Jags got a uniform with something akin to Jaguar skin on the shirt sides.  Just some little touches that make the uniforms stand out a bit.

The Seahawks on the other hand got a major overhaul into ugliness.  The teal like blue shirt with lime green sleeves and white pants truly is a horrific combination. It’s just jarring.

There are some cooler looking helmets.  Some of the home uniforms are pretty good looking.  The gloves are outstanding  as the palms when the hands are crossed show the team logo in whole.  Overall, the update is probably a good thing.  Despite the objections in some quarters about how it’s more of the chickification of football.  Although anyone who doesn’t think that the uniforms are made for the women who watch and the women they want to watch is just kidding themselves.

That sexist comment aside, most teams got decent uniforms out of the upgrade and some teams even got some really interesting ones.  The Seahawks got the bums rush in the deal but I guess someone had to.  It will be interesting to see how these new jersey’s sell for teams and if they sell as well as the old ones.  Nike is also working on throwback versions as well, which should be interesting to see too.

Everybody needs an upgrade now and then and the NFL is no different.

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