Most Valuable College Football Programs

Wallpaper University of TexasOn an annual basis Forbes values different professional sports franchises, both here in the U.S. and in Europe. Recently Forbes updated its college football programs valuations.

The most “valuable” college football program continues to be the University of Texas. They are not playing for the national title again this year, but off the field they are the best team in college. Forbes estimates that the Longhorns football program generated $104 million in revenue in 2011, the first time a college football team has ever cleared the $100 million mark. While the Big 12’s conference distributions increased to $19 million in 2011, about 40% of Texas’ football income still came exclusively from ticket sales ($32.4 million) and sponsorships ($8 million).

With these different revenue streams, Forbes values the Texas program at $133 million, up from $129 million last year. That is $13 million more than second-ranked Michigan. The Wolverines jumped over Notre Dame, in part because they played 8 home games in 2011, with that extra 8th game generating more than $6 million in revenue for the program.

Expect Notre Dame to bounce back and overtake Michigan though when the Forbes report comes out next year. Making it to BCS title game will generate at least $6.2 million in additional revenue for the Irish.

How much has the Jerry Sandusky scandal hurt Penn State? Forbes estimates that the Nittany Lion program is worth $79m now, down 21% from 2010.

Top 20 Most Valuable College Football Programs

  1. University of Texas: $133 million valuation
  2. Michigan: $120 million valuation
  3. Notre Dame: $103 million
  4. LSU: $102 million valuation
  5. Georgia: $99 million valuation
  6. Alabama: $95 million valuation
  7. Florida Gators: $93 million valuation
  8. Auburn: $85 million valuation
  9. Tennessee: $84 million valuation
  10. Arkansas: $83 million valuation
  11. Nebraska: $82 million valuation
  12. Oklahoma: $80 million valuation
  13. Penn State: $79 million valuation
  14. Wisconsin: $76 million valuation
  15. Oregon: $74 million valuation
  16. USC: $68 million valuation
  17. South Carolina: $67 million valuation
  18. Washington: $65 million valuation
  19. Michigan State: $57 million valuation
  20. Ohio State: $63 million valuation


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