Monday Night Mania: Can This Pup Make the Pick?

Monday Night Mania is a new segment I’m introducing to the FTO and with the popularity of Paul the Octopus choosing a perfect 8 of 8 World Cup picks this summer I think the idea has some promise to it.

Every Monday night I will predict the winner of the week’s featured game, but here is the catch. I will also allow two guest columnist to pick the game as well.

The two guest columnist that will predict the game along with myself are Madden 2010 and Tory my dog. The two guest pickers may not have the human brain to count on to analyze football matches, but perhaps that will help the pair. Madden 2010 will make the weekly pick by simply simulating the week’s game with the two teams playing in the match. And Tory pup will make his weekly prediction by choosing a bit of bone from one of two bowls. Under each of the randomly placed bowls will be a picture of the team’s iconic representative.

So this week’s San Francisco VS New Orleans game has the picture of Joe Montana and Harry Connick Jr. taped under each bowl. So without further adieu let’s break down each prophet’s pick.

The Human’s Pick AKA My Pick


I like the Saints over the 49ers 31-14. At the moment the Saints appear to be the strongest NFC squad and last year’s defending champs are coming off of a big Week 1 victory. This week they will play a team that was embarrassed by the lowly Seahawks last week and the Saints passing attack will be too much for Patrick Willis and Company.

The Robot’s Pick AKA Madden Sim


Madden sim likes the 49ers to win 35-34 with a last minute effort by the 49ers. Alex Smith will successfully run the two minute drill and the team that was originally losing the match 14-0 will pull off the comeback with 38 seconds to spare.

The Prophet Pup’s Pick AKA Tory’s Pick


Selecting out of the two placed Cheerios in each bowl, Tory chose the bowl that had Joe Montana’s little picture underneath it saving Harry Connick’s bowl as dessert. The pup was eager to select and gave little decision time before munching on both Cheerios in each of the bowls, but Montana’s bowl was the first selected. He may be no Paul, but he is surely more marketable then a giant German squid. I mean look at his picture.  


We will have to see what happens tonight, but I like my chances considering the 49ers terrible form Week 1 and the fact that I am picking against a video game and my dog.


  1. http://Randall says

    i like this new series. i think you can take down madden, but tory will surely beat you. his picks have “bite.” good luck, but remember, its a dog eat dog world out there.

    • http://Brian%20Hall says

      Every dog has his day, but I like my odds against Tory pup. He’s very eager to get to that Cheerio and doesn’t think his choice through too well.

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