Meyer in Line for OSU?

As once stated, rumors in sports make the world go around.  It keeps fans interest peaked and writers writing.  It’s also fun to speculate what will happen next.  However when the media begins a witch hunt like the one being perpetrated on OSU football coach Jim Tressel currently, speculating about his livelihood and the future of another, rumors are bad.

Yet here we are speculating about Tressel.  Not just the career of a successful coach, but his character and trustworthiness.  This isn’t about what he did, but who can be the one to turn up evidence, if there is any, to prove Tressel did something more dastardly, more criminal or unethical.

When you open a newspaper today, in 77 cities via a Google search, rumors abound not only on Tressel leaving the University, but who will replace him.  And the consensus choice appears to be former Florida coach Urban Meyer.

Meyer left the Gators after last season because of health reasons and family.  It is hard to believe he would return so quickly after leaving amid such a fanfare.  However the story this morning is he will relive his OSU ties and join the Buckeyes after Tressel is forced to resign or be fired.

First, the idea of Tressel being fired is extremely questionable.  Tressel has fallen on his sword for the 5 players involved in this growing dilemma.  He has expanded his suspension to 5 games, matching the player’s punishment.  Meaning Tressel intends to accept whatever penalty the NCAA will submit.

Another reasoning for Tressel staying is President E. Gordon Gee.  Gee refused to let John Copper be fired in the 90’s while he was President.  To expect Gee to allow Tressel leave under these circumstances is unfathomable.  While he has his faults, loyalty is not a character flow for the President.  He will not ask Tressel to resign or fire him.

However if you are one of many who feel that Tressel increasingly looks in trouble, and by the look at the papers they do, it is believed the first call to replace him would be to Meyer, who grew up in Ohio, played at Cincinnati and got his coaching break at Ohio State with former Buckeyes coach Earle Bruce, who attended the big Florida games in recent years.

Many believed Meyer’s dream job was the Notre Dame position that opened one year ago.  But he turned down a chance to interview and stayed one more season at Florida.  He spent 5 years as an assistant at Notre Dame and two years at Ohio State under Bruce as a grad assistant.  Could it be the dream job Meyer had in mind all along was in Columbus?

It might be.   But Meyer is not the kind of coach to hit and run.  Meaning he would not use his family or health as a reason to bolt the Gators.  Meyer is a coach that says what he means, and he wants time off to recuperate and watch his kids play.  The living he made at Florida has allowed him this opportunity and to think he would turn around after only 3 months of retirement to accept a blank check at Ohio State just doesn’t make sense.

Meyer will be the flavor of the month for every opening in football for the next few years.  Just the thought of Meyer taking the place of Tressel expresses distaste with the system.  Proving one coach a liar just to prove another is also.  This entire system is wrong.

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