McNabb Benched In 4th Quarter

Donovan McNabb appears to be forgotten man of any system he’s a part of. The former Eagles QB was benched this weekend strangely in the final minutes of the game when his side was within a score of the lead.

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said that he thought the decision to go with rarely played backup Rex Grossman “was the best scenario for us to win” and the former Broncos coach also suggested that his backup is better at running the 2 minute drill and has more of an understanding of the 2 minute drills play collection.

I find this to be interesting because both QBs are in their first year in Shanahan’s system and neither one has ever played under the coach before. If Rex Grossman is the guy to go to down the stretch then why not play him all the time?

I’ve never heard of this philosophy of going with one guy 99% of the time and then in a split second deciding to play his backup during the biggest moment of the game. Grossman looked like a guy who had spent years on the bench on his first play from scrimmage and fumbled away a touchdown due to a Suh sack. The Redskins went on to lose the game by 12 points and the decision left many people extremely confused.

McNabb preached being a professional and supported the coach’s bizarre choice, but I’m sure Dan Snyder was a bit confused as well considering he is paying McNabb franchise QB money and dealt a few early draft picks to land the aging star.

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