Lions Make The Playoffs

Vikings VS Lions
The Lions are in the playoffs!  I know, right?  It sounds like a joke because it’s been so long, but they put themselves in the playoffs for the first time since 1999.  Now, how did they do this after fans were striking calling for Matt Millen’s job and they were basically one of the worst franchises in professional sports?

It’s pretty simple, when you make as many top 10 draft picks as they have, you ought to get good pretty fast.  Also, when you actually hit right on those picks, then you really start to get good.  They are loaded with talent, and there is no reason they shouldn’t be good.

Look at it this way, they have a Montana/Rice QB/WR combo in Stafford and Johnson.  They have a stout defensive line.  What else do you want from them?  Of course they’re that good.  Plus, when THEY make the playoffs, that means they are pushing the Bears out of the playoffs, no?

With Chicago sitting eighth in the playoff standings, it’s kind of obvious that the Bears have very little shot.  So, the team that was the laughingstock has pushed out the team that was playing in the NFC title game last year.  That’s pretty good for the Lions.  They changed coaches, built up slowly, and now they’re really good.

To me, it sounds like the Braves of the 90’s.  They chose to suck for a couple years while they built everything up.  Then, they were really good for a long time.  There’s so much youth and talent on this Lions team that I don’t think they will be any different.

I’m glad for the Lions.  When we saw them start to get good last year, I was hoping that they would be good then, but they’re here now, and I think here to stay as well.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tiger Girl

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