Jim Harbaugh: Most Wanted

Manhattan missing map I think everybody on the planet wants Jim Harbaugh to coach their team.  Isn’t that how they started the presser after the big Orange Bowl win by Stanford?  “What’s your future look like?”

Everybody from the 49ers, to the Panthers (maybe), to Michigan, to the Dolphins (maybe) might want a shot at Harbaugh.  He was a good player, he had some good years in Chicago and Indy and he played Michigan football — at Stanford.

They run the ball and Andrew Luck just picks the defense apart.  It’s so nice to see, but where should our most wanted man end up?

If I had a vote I’d vote for Stanford so we can watch him turn Stanford into a ridiculous powerhouse that gets ALL the smart boys who also happen to be 6’7″ and 320.

It’d be interesting to see him go back to Michigan and resurrect the program, but it’s not advisable.  He could run for Governor of California and win just on respect.

If he goes to the NFL he may be too intense (like Singletary in San Fran) and while I’d like to see the 49ers get him I don’t know if it will work.  Harbaugh seems to be more suited to coaching college.  He can tell young guys what to do and they respond.

Grown men — I don’t know.

If he did go to the NFL I’d be intrigued to see the following ridiculous scenario.  Denver hires him on the John Elway “I’m a Stanford man and you’re a Stanford man” thing, they trade Tim Tebow, get the number one pick and bring Andrew Luck to Denver where they start a new powerhouse under the wing of John Elway.

I don’t think it’ll happen, but it’d be cool to see.  If not, I’ll settle for him taking Luck to Carolina, but I don’t see it.

Where are you going Jimmy?
Creative Commons License photo credit: MattHurst

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