Jets Come Up Short

Monday night’s Jets vs. Ravens game proved a few things to me and most of the fans watching.  First, the Jets are not a Super Bowl team.  No matter what hype Rex Ryan or anyone else wants to throw at us, it’s not happening and the Jets need to shut their mouths and get to work.  The team Mark Sanchez called “a dream team” previously was not led very well by him as he threw for 74 yards, looked lost on the field, and never looked to pass deep the entire game.  He dumped balls in the flat immediately on almost every passing play and looked extremely frightened of Ray Lewis who was presumably licking his lips waiting to destroy Sanchez.  The trash talk is where the Jets expertise seems to end, but in the battle of piling up penalty yards the Jets reigned supreme.

Second, the Ravens are for real.  Their defense is stout, even without Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis is as mean and tenacious as ever.  The brutality and anger in some of those hits should be reflected upon by the Jets for some time…maybe talking trash wasn’t the best idea after all.  Joe Flacco was a little rusty, but not nearly as bad as Mark Sanchez, who was completely exposed.

The Ravens offense wasn’t great either, but I like the new looks with Boldin, Houshmanzadeh, and the perennial Derrick Mason.  Ray Rice didn’t get going as much as everyone thought, but the Jets defense is good also and I think Ravens fans will be pleased with their performance in some of the next few games.

The play that summed up the entire night for the Jets was in the final minute when Sanchez completed yet another dump off pass and Dustin Keller ran a yard short of the first down marker on fourth down to end the game.  Note: Dustin Keller was also absolutely blown up by Ray Lewis in the middle of the field that should be the cornerstone of any highlights you may watch of this game.

While neither team played very well on offense, both team defenses did relatively well, but there were a few low points.  Shonn Greene did not seem to be interested or ready for the game at all.  He fumbled, he dropped passes, and he rushed the ball terribly.  LT came in and picked up the pieces, looking great for someone who is supposedly “washed up.”  LT certainly earned himself more playing time in my opinion and the Jets should ride him until the wheels fall off or until Shonn Greene gets into playing shape.  The worst of the worst for me though was Mark Sanchez.  His performance was utterly terrible and we will see if it is a fluke.  I want to be as harsh as possible because this team has made every effort to be in the limelight and wants us to crown them before they win anything.  Why is everyone talking about the Jets?  They haven’t won a thing and are now 0-1 with the Patriots coming next week.  So how will 0-2 feel?  We will find out next week.

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