Jacobs Wants To Escape From New York

Giants running back Brandon Jacobs wants out of New York. That’s the latest big sports news from the city that never sleeps. Or is it really big news?

Jacobs has hardly been effective in the last few seasons since signing that big deal in 2009/2010 and the thunder of the thunder/lightning combo has been beatout for the bulk of the carries by little burner Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw gives the Giants more of an every down type of skill set with the ability to hit holes inside and outside the tackles along with great hands out of the backfield and excellent vision down the field. 

Jacobs has become the forgotten man rarely used even for 3 and inches or even goalline touches and for good reason too.

Last night on Sunday night football when the Giants were dominated against the Colts, the commentators praised Jacobs for his tolerance in the role of a backup and even expressed how close of friends Jacobs is with Bradshaw and how supportive Jacobs is of his friend’s success. Well those sentiments evaporated into thinair when Jacobs fired his helmet twenty rows up into the stands (accidentily) while storming off of the field in the second half. The power back made more headlines this morning for his angry actions on the sideline then for his four carries for eight yards on the field during the blowout.

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin expressed his frustration with Jacobs on the sideline following the helmet flinging incident and after the game in his press conference Coughlin admitted that the bruising back spent too much time tip-toeing east and west in the backfield and needed to move north with more confidence and tenacity while carrying the ball.

Despite Jacobs rather quick fall from grace in New York, I still think it would be best if the former Auburn man remained the backup in New York for at least the end of this season. No team would be willing to pick up a backup running back for Jacob’s current salary and give up any significant pick in the process, so for sake of the New York running game they should keep Jacobs as insurance despite his frustration with his role.

Because he is still the best backup option they have at the moment and besides…. Nobody wants to trade for an overpaid, underused headcase.     

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